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HAMUTAMA Baby Hamster Surprise Egg

HAMUTAMA Baby Hamster Surprise Egg


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This is a pre-order item that will be shipped after April 12th. All orders including this product will be delivered after 4/12, so if you are in a hurry, please place a separate order with the existing product.

This time, a tiny <hamster> came out of the egg!?✨
Hamsters in prone poses, "Hamu Happy", "Hamu Hope", "Hamu Dream", and "Hamu Lucky" are your lucky charms! In addition, there is also "Hamudako" who carried an egg, "Hamutama" with a fried egg on top for some reason is also cute💕
We can't wait to see which one comes out!

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●All 6 types / scent
・Hamster HOPE / Vanilla scent
・Hamster DREAM / Cotton candy scent
・Hamster LUCKY / Muscat scent
・Ham Tama / Vanilla scent
・Hamster HAPPY / Vanilla scent
・Hugging / Vanilla scent

●Body size : All species are sized to fit in a H7.4 x W5.5cm capsule

●Target age 15 years old and over
*Please refer to the image for details.
*This is a blind package product. You cannot choose the type.
*If you wish to purchase by box, please order the quantity in multiples of "6".

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