ibloom X (Twitter) present campaign application details

*Please read and agree to the following information before applying for this campaign.

■ How to apply 

Follow Bloom Co., Ltd.'s official X (formerly Twitter) account "@ibloom_squishy" (hereinafter referred to as the "official account") from your smartphone or PC and repost the post with the "present campaign" image to apply. accomplished.
Please note that if you set your X account to private or unfollow the official account, you will not be eligible to win.


■Prizes/Number of winners 

Prizes will be won by lottery.
Please refer to the "Present Campaign" image for the prizes and number of winners.
*Prize contents and specifications are subject to change.

■Application acceptance period 

Please refer to the "Present Campaign" image for the application acceptance period.

■Eligibility for application 

Those who meet all of the following conditions
・Those who live in Japan and whose prize will be delivered to Japan
・Those who have an account with X
*Those who do not have an account You can apply by registering on the following website.
https://twitter.com (Links to an external site)


■Winner Announcement/Prize Shipping 

Only the winners will be contacted via X Direct Message from the official account within 30 days from the end of the campaign. Please enter the shipping address and other information according to the content you receive.
As soon as the product is sent, the DM will be deleted as it contains personal information.

We plan to ship the prize within 30 days after we receive the shipping address and other information, but this may be delayed depending on circumstances. Please note.
*Please note that if you unfollow the official account before receiving the direct message, we will no longer be able to provide you with guidance.



●Prizes cannot be exchanged, redeemed for cash, returned, or the winning rights transferred (including resale).
●You cannot apply using a feature phone.
●You may not be able to apply with some smartphones or PCs.
●Internet connection charges and communication charges are the responsibility of the customer.
●This campaign may be canceled or changed without notice due to changes in X system specifications, errors, system failures, or other unavoidable circumstances.
●Please note that your application or the right to win may be invalidated in the following cases.
○ If the shipping address for the prize has not been sent within a certain period
○ If one household or address has won multiple times
○ If the shipping address information you sent is false or incomplete
○ If the application conditions are not met
○ If the prize cannot be delivered because the customer's address is unknown, absent for a long period of time, unable to be contacted, etc.
○ Please change your username and follow the official account before receiving direct messages from the official account such as contacting the winner. If you cancel or delete your account
○ If you delete direct messages such as winning notifications (direct messages cannot be resent)
○ If the account is set to private
○ If an application is made using an unauthorized account (a fictitious account, an account impersonated by another person, multiple accounts by the same person, etc.) (including cases that violate X's terms of use)
○ If inappropriate words are used in the account name, profile, posted content, etc.
○ If you apply with an account that does not have a profile, user name, self-introduction, image, etc.
○ If you frequently take actions ( If you applied using an account that has not been used to tweet, retweet, reply, etc.
○If there is any other fraudulent behavior related to your application

●Company X is not a sponsor of this campaig

●X and the X logo are registered trademarks of Company X.


■Handling of personal information

Personal information provided in connection with this campaign will be handled by Bloom Co., Ltd. as described in the " Privacy Policy ."

■Governing law and competent court

The governing law of these terms and conditions shall be Japanese law. In addition, for any disputes arising out of or related to these Terms, the Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

■Contact information

Bloom Co., Ltd.   X (Twitter) Present Campaign Contact: customer_service@i-bloom.com
Reception hours: 10:00-17:30 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and summer/New Year holidays)

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