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What is a Squishy?
What is i-Bloom?

What is a Squishy?

Squishy is a “healing miscellaneous item” that you can touch and enjoy.
It features a fluffy and sticky feel that you will become addicted to once you touch it, and it has a variety of designs.
Since around 2014, it has become popular among Japanese elementary and junior high school girls, and not only has it become a new genre as a toy, but it is also gaining recognition as a “healing item” that attracts adults.

What is i-Bloom?

BLOOM is a squishy maker that pursues beloved products every day, aiming for "the highest quality" and sticking to "overwhelmingly soft touch", "design with a world view", and "pleasant scent", i-Bloom is it's brand.
Realistic series-bread and sweets that look just like the real thing, and original characters are very popular! I-Bloom's squishy market share is No. 1 in the amusement industry!
These days, "i-Bloom squishy" fans are increasing not only in Japan but also overseas, the United States, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.

Our history

2002 The first squishy "The Banana" series is born!

2003 Bloom's representative product Peach series appeared!

2008 Bloom Bakery series first release!

2009 A squishy boom has arrived in the amusement world!

2014 Bloom products from the 2000s auctioned as 'Old Bloom'Premium trading begins.

2015 Bloom squishy boom started from Australia!

2016 Bloom squishy is a big boom in more than 10 countries in Asia and Europe!
Popular among overseas YouTubers!

2017 the Bloom squishy boom was reimported to Japan!
A big boom among child YouTubers!
A squishy specialty store opens in Harajuku!
The development of Bloom Characters spreads.

2018 another unprecedented bloom boom in the amusement world!

Recorded over 30,000 copies! First publication of "Bloom squishy Collection Book"!
Started developing collaboration products with famous characters.
Introduced in the "Heisei Visual Encyclopedia" as a representative toy of the Heisei era.

2019 The arrival of the sound fetish boom! Mousse bread series with a new feel like mousse!

2020 a special feature will be broadcast on NHK "Ariyoshi's Money Discovery Assault! Kaneo-kun".

Company information

Company Bloom Co., Ltd.
Representative Kazuhiko Miyamoto
office 7th floor, Nomura Real Estate Minami-Shinjuku Building, 5-32-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Scope of business Planning, development, and sales of toys and sundries.