Q: When will my order arrive?

A: Normally we will ship it within 2~3 business days, excluding pre-sale items. 

If you don't recieve any updates after 2~3 days, please contact us.


Q: Can I cansel my order?

A: Please note that cancellation after order is not accepted.


Q: Can I request the arrival time?

A: We will do our best to deliver at your requested time. If you wish to specify the arrival time, please indicate your desired arrival time. ※Please note that some couriers may not meet your expectations.


Q: Can I change my address?

A: It is possible to change the registered address and delivery address. Please enter your desired delivery address on the order page. Changes cannot be made after an order has been placed.


Q: Regarding shipping charge.

A: Free shipping is available when purchase amount is over 10,000 yen.


Q: Regarding urgent inquiries.

A: In case of emergency, please contact us via email bellow.