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Big choco monster cookie

Big choco monster cookie

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"Pop and colorful, big chocolate monster cookies 🤩
It's a lumpy chocolate cookie, but when you touch it, it's fluffy and soft💕✨✨
Bloom squishy's largest number of colors, colorful assortment! !
If you look closely, you can see cute monster eyes looking around...
Each scent is different, so choose your favorite monster ✨
Matching with friends, fun to collect in different colors!...
●All 10 types / scent 
・Chocolate chip / chocolate scent
・Chocolate nuts / chocolate scent
・Pink monster / strawberry scent
・Green monster / muscat scent
・Purple monster / grape scent
・Rainbow / candy scent
・Yumekawa / strawberry scent
・Blueberry white chocolate / candy scent
・Chocolate mint / chocolate scent
・Cherry chocolate / cherry scent

Body size : about H8.7×W8.2×D1.9cm
●Target age 15 years old and over
*Please refer to the image for details."
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