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Fuwa Fuwa Nyan Pancake

Fuwa Fuwa Nyan Pancake

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Cute "Fluffy Nyan Pancakes" with "Nyan Pan" sandwiched in the pancakes💕💕💕💕. Freshly cooked fluffy pancakes with butter on top look delicious✨✨!

The soft and chewy texture makes it a great item for both pancake lovers and cat lovers! It also has a cute tail on the back 🥰🥰.

●All 6 type / scent
•Milk / vanilla scent
•Honey / honey scent
•Ham and eggs / bread scent
•Melon / melon scent
•Strawberry condensed milk / strawberry scent
•Matcha / coffee scent

●Body size : about H5.7×W6.7×D7.2cm
●Target age: over 15 years old
*Please refer to the image for details.

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