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FuwaFuwa Takoyaki

FuwaFuwa Takoyaki

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Thick sauce, mayonnaise, and aonori (green dried seaweed). A set of "Fluffy Takoyaki" with "Takoyaki" and "Tako-Nyan", a friend of Nyan Pancake. The new "Fluffy Takoyaki" set includes a realistic "Takoyaki" and "Takonyan," a member of the Nyan Pancake family. ✨
Fluffy and squeezy to the touch, the round size is cute! Check out the little "Tako-nyan" toe beans and paw pads too. 💕

●All 4 types / scent
•Takonyan & Takoyaki (savory scent)
•Takonyan Mentaiko & Takoyaki (savory scent)
•Takonyan Strawberry & Takoyaki (Strawberry / savory scent)
•Takonyan Custard & Takoyaki (vanilla/savory scent)
Product size:
Takoyaki: about H5×W5.6×D5.5cm
Takonyan: about H5.4×W5.5×D6cm
For ages 15 years+
*Please refer to the image for details.
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