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Fuwamochi Marmo's Mochi

Fuwamochi Marmo's Mochi

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Marmo the marshmallow bear has been transformed into a Japanese sweets wrapped in a leaf✨✨✨✨!
We have added "Kashiwa Mochi", "Sakura Mochi", colorful "Rainbow Mochi" and new "Chocolate Mochi"! Enjoy the soft and chewy texture of the mochi that fits in the palm of your hand! Each one comes with a sweet aroma💕.
*Kashiwa Mochi and Sakura Mochi : Traditional Japanese sweets made in early summer. Often eaten on Children's Day, a Japanese national holiday to wish for the happiness of children.
●All 5 types / scent
• Kashiwa-mochi / vanilla scent
• Sakura-mochi / cherry scent
• Rainbow-mochi / cotton candy scent
• Chocolate-mochi / chocolate scent
●Body size : about H7.1×W5.7×D5.1cm
●Target age 15 years old and over
*Please refer to the image for details.
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