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Marshmallow Bear Egg

Marshmallow Bear Egg

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★This is a random assorted product. You cannot choose the type.

"Marshmallow Bear Egg", which sold out quickly after its release in February 2023, is back in stock! A marshmallow bear version of the "Surprise Egg Series" in which a mini squeeze comes out of an egg capsule! You will be healed by the cute pose of Marmo, a marshmallow bear that feels like a real marshmallow. Please pay attention to the expressions and poses which will make you want to collect a lot ♪

●All 6 types / scent
・ Marmo / marshmallow scent
・Marmo Yellow / Honey Marshmallow Fragrance
・ Marmo Blue / Muscat marshmallow scent
・Marmo pink strawberry marshmallow scent
・Cheeks / Marshmallow scent
・Sleep well / Marshmallow scent

●Body size : All species are sized to fit in a H7.4 × W5.5cm capsule
●Target age 15 years old and over
*Please refer to the image for details.
*This is a blind package product. You cannot choose the type.
*If you wish to purchase by box, please order the quantity in multiples of "6".

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