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Table Roll

Table Roll

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Always popular every release! The Table Roll series is back again with a new color, "Matcha Roll!" ✨
The small size is cute two-piece set 💕 The shiny surface and the underside's realistic baking color were also carefully selected! Even with how small they are, the fluffy and squishy textures are the best!✨✨
Share them with your friends, enjoy them by touch, or admire them in a variety of ways!
●All 5 types / scent
• Butter Roll / bread scent
• Strawberry Roll / strawberry scent
• White Roll / bread scent
• Matcha Roll / roasted tea scent
• Chocolate Roll / chocolate scent
●Body size : about H5×W7×D6cm
●Target age 15 years old and over
*Please refer to the image for details.


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