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Mousse madeleine

Mousse madeleine

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A cute madeleine type is now available in the popular mousse series with an overwhelmingly fluffy feeling ✨✨✨
The delicate gradation of the madeleine side and the moist feeling of the mousse side are also our proud creations! Bloom's "Mousse Series" is surprisingly soft and moist to the touch. Enjoy not only the texture, but also the scent of each!

●All 6 types / scent
・Madeleine / bread scent
・Strawberry / strawberry scent
・Tiramisu / coffee scent
・Pink aurora / grape scent
・Rainbow / cotton candy scent
・Dreamy shell / soda scent

●Body size : about H4.3×W9.5×D9.7cm
●Target age 15 years old and over
*Please refer to the image for details.
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