About Points

When you shop at our official online store or any MOOOSH store*, you will receive 1point for every 200 yen of your purchase! (Shipping costs are not eligible for point use)

Points will be added within 1 business day after the item is shipped online, and immediately after checking out at our real stores.
Points earned can be used at both our online store or any MOOOSH store.

*The Kamiitabashi store is excluded from both point granting and using points.


Get 500 points by inviting your friends!

After logging in, tap the "My Rewards" menu at the bottom right of the screen → Send the URL in the "Invite a Friend" field to the friend you have introduced.
``The person who received the introduction'' can go to the online shop from the URL. Create new account After shopping is completed (product arrives), points will be awarded to the referrer. There is no limit to the number of referrals.
In order to earn friend referral points, the person who received the referral MUST access our online shop via your referral URL, and register as a new member. If they access our site from a browser search, etc., you will not receive friend referral points.

●About new registration points

When you register as a new member at our online shop, you will receive 500 points that you can use immediately!


●For each product review, you'll get a present of 50 points!

Every customer that writes a review for their purchases will receive 50 points as a gift.
After purchase, an email asking you to write your thoughts. Please use the link there!
※One review = 50 points, up to a maximum of 10 reviews per month.
※If the review request email does not arrive, please contact customer support.


●Point expiration date

The expiration date is 6 months from the last point acquisition date.
Example: If you earned 100 points on January 1st and 100 points on February 1st , the January 1st deadline will be extended and the cumulative 200 points will be valid for 6 months from February 1st .

●How to use points

1 ) Enter the number of points you want to use on the shopping cart screen and click "Use Points".
) The subtotal after deducting the points will be displayed, so please check it before proceeding to the purchase procedure.
* When using point discount, it cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.
When ordering using points, you can earn new points from the total amount after point discounts.