About us

What is a Squishy?

Squishy is a “healing miscellaneous item” that you can touch and enjoy.
It features a fluffy and sticky feel that you will become addicted to once you touch it, and it has a variety of designs.
Since around 2014, it has become popular among Japanese elementary and junior high school girls, and not only has it become a new genre as a toy, but it is also gaining recognition as a “healing item” that attracts adults.

What is i-Bloom?

BLOOM is a squishy maker that pursues beloved products every day, aiming for "the highest quality" and sticking to "overwhelmingly soft touch", "design with a world view", and "pleasant scent", i-Bloom is it's brand.
Realistic series-bread and sweets that look just like the real thing, and original characters are very popular! I-Bloom's squishy market share is No. 1 in the amusement industry!
These days, "i-Bloom squishy" fans are increasing not only in Japan but also overseas.

Company information

Company Bloom Co., Ltd.
Representative Kazuhiko Miyamoto
office 7th floor, Nomura Real Estate Minami-Shinjuku Building, 5-32-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Scope of business Planning, development, and sales of toys and sundries.