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Ikkin Bakery

Ikkin Bakery

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Delivering delicious bread to everyone! New squishy Ikkin-tencho, who loves his bakery! 💕

The fluffy and thickly-sliced manager, Ikkin-tencho, the energetic Melonpan-chan, and the gentle Creampan-san are also our friends 🍞✨✨✨✨
Come and meet the fluffy and squeezy Ikkin Bakery crew!

●All 3 types / scent
• Ikkin-tencho / bread scent
• Melon-panchan / melon scent
• Creampan-san / vanilla scent

●Product size :
Ikkin-tencho : about H9.6×W10×D7.6cm
Melon-panchan : about H9.4×W10.2×D6.6cm
Creampan-san : about H7×W10×D5.3cm
●For ages 15 years+
*Please refer to the image for details.

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